International Human Trafficking Statistics Released For The First Time

China, Romania, the Philippines and Moldova are the four worst offenders in international human trafficking into Canada, according to the first ever official statistics on the extent of the problem released. These are the first national statistics on international human trafficking to become available since Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) began flagging cases in its databases in May 2006. At least 31 foreigners were flagged to immigration officials as human trafficking victims since the department began taking note, but it's likely just the tip of the iceberg.

There were 31 documented cases (including four cases involving children)of international human trafficking in Canada over a two-year period but there has never been a conviction in a Canadian court according to a researcher who has compiled the statistics.

Under new Canadian legislation, victims of human trafficking can apply for temporary residency permits, giving them up to 120 days in the country to recover from the crime plus some access to health care, instead of facing immediate deportation.


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